Best microphone for youtube | Best Light Setup | Tripod

When someone starts a YouTube channel, he don't know budget YouTube equipment list for making videos.  So in this post I'll suggest budget YouTube equipment for beginners. These are the best equipment for starting YouTube. YouTube equipment setup for beginners may be a little bit difficult but after reading this post, you will get to know about best budget youtube equipments.

Best microphone for youtube is very necessory to attract the audience's attention. You can start with best cheap microphone for youtube. This is the microphone for recording youtube videos, microphone for youtube gaming and best budget microphone for youtube. We alwasy need best microphone for voice over So this post will give you exact solution.

Generally we need best camera, mic, light and tripod for YouTube to start a channel. So, this is not only the post but a YouTube starter kit for gear and equipment in 2020. This is the best budget YouTube setup. BUDGET YouTube Video Making Gear and Equipment Under ₹5000! So, let's get started....

Budget YouTube Gear | Best youtube lighting kit

Here I am sharing cheap lighting for video but best. These can also be used as ring light for makeup. When we start a new youtube channel, we are at a tight budget. So, we need best but cheap lights for video shooting or lighting for youtube videos recording.

1. Kodak Ring Light

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2. Digitek Ring Light

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3. Simpex Light

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best microphone for voice over | best cheap microphone for youtube

Budget Audio options for YouTube is the need for those who just started the channel. So I am not providing a list of 5 to 6 or top 10 microphones, best cheap microphone for youtube. I am just suggesting the best microphone for youtube which I personally use to record my own videos. These are also best microphone for gaming chanel.

1. Rode wireless

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Boya BYM1 for YouTube is the best microphone for youtube. If you just want best and cheap microphone then this is the best solution. The sound is very clear with noice cancellation. And the budget is very very affordable. So you can check it out.

2. Boya BYM1 for YouTube

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3. Boya Mini Video Microphone 

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Budget Camera Tripod for YouTube

When you are recording videos on camera so you need a tripod for youtube video recording. I know It should be budget friendly. But make sure to choose good quality tripod that can susain your camera or mobile phone.

Budget Tripod for YouTube

Tripod Mount Holder / Mobile/Camera Holder

Final Words

So in this article I shared best microphone for youtube and lighting for youtube. I hope it will help you create quality youtube videos. I don't record facecam videos as of now but I tried to provide you the best and possible budget friendly options. And the mic, I personally use to record my youtube videos on my channel. Munendra Singh YouTube channel.